Well, the Sudoku Application was our first Android application.

I made it in 2011, yes three years ago, a lot of things changed since then.  Now for others works I have to program in the new Material form, and I thought that it’s a really good idea to practice the new stuff with the old, really old Proverb Sudoku.

entrada_1I started to read all the information and to view a lot of videos about Material,  there are several very good talks on youtube, especially the Google’s  I/O and the ‘Android Design in Action: Google I/O 2014 App’.

With this last one, I realized that the development of the new version would have to follow all the steps of a new development,  not jump directly to the new functionality of Android 5.

So, I started with the investigation phase: what are the things that work in the best Sudoku, what are the features that appeal to the users.

The next step was to design the entire flow of the application. All at a high level, no details of each screen.

With that done, now is the time to move the flow to the actual screens. For this I will use the whiteFrames provided by the Material design page. First screens and then the choice of colors.

So that is, one step at a time.